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People don’t often mind where their food comes from or how it was produced. In the present, the fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, and everything that people eat are, more often than not, have been drenched, Read more…

Organic-based farm practices in CBE Part I

Organic-based farm practices are manifested throughout the CBE–from the terraces-occupied facade to the edges of the pathways, from small space turned into an urban agricultural prototype to the rainwater catchment. In this article, we showcase the first batch of the practices that are religiously implemented in the farm.



Vermicomposting is a sustainable biotechnological process of producing a vermicompost in which certain species of earthworms are used to enhance the process of converting waste into an environment-friendly fertilizer.


System of Rice Intensification

Organic farming is not only about reviving traditional practices like adding rice straw and applying manure. There is a science behind that makes agriculture production sustainable and climate-resilient. This kind of approach has a significant role to play in addressing the most urgent issues: climate change and food security.


Vetiver grass technology

Vetiver is a rapidly growing grass (Gramineae Family) that has been used since ancient times for various purposes which includes thatching, aromatic oil production, medicine, and soil and water conservation in farmlands.


Department of Agriculture and SRI Advocates worked together to Unravel the Rice Crisis

The Department of Agriculture (DA) made an announcement to adopt the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) during the last National Organic Agriculture Congress held in Cebu City on November 2018. The DA has asked SRI-Pilipinas to conduct the SRI training for its staffs who are involved in the DA’s Rice Program, in cooperation with the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI).

The Heat is On

According to the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), El Niño phenomenon will hit the country in the first quarter of this year 2019. Are we prepared for this dry spell? Freak weather Read more…

Organic Farming: A Key To Food Insecurity

The town of Dagami, Leyte, located 32 kilometers from Tacloban City, prides itself with verdant lands planted to coconut, rice, and corn. Yet the once plentiful harvest became a distant memory when Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), the world’s strongest typhoon in recent memory, brought about unprecedented destruction. But five years after the tragedy, people from Dagami have completely recovered, rebuilt their life and livelihood.